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SuperSenior AM Transmitter

SuperSenior Features
  • Power Output Continuous 375 Watts Carrier
  • Dual Band Coverage 160 and 80 meters
  • PLL "VFO" with 1 khz steps
  • VFO Stability .5 ppm (2 hz on 80 meters)
  • Auto Bandswitching
  • SWR or Short Protection
  • T/R Switching Built In
  • 120 Volt Primary Supply
  • 600 ohm Line Level In 0 dbm
  • Power on Mic Connector for DYY Microphone Preamp
  • 19 in wide, 3.5 in high, 5 in deep
  • 10 lbs

$1400 plus $30 shipping

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K7DYY Audio Processor

The Processor Board mounts in an Astatic D-104. The processor matches the D-104 and drives the Senior directly. Power is supplied by the Senior.

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